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Reduce the Legal Risk for non Compliance

  • Reduce the Risk of Legal Compliance

  • The software can save on heavy penalties and harassments: Constant alerts and monitoring make sure that the task is done on time and to its definition.
  • The software helps in reducing non productive time of responsible teams by cutting down/ eliminating time spent on information gathering, compiling, precessing, and reporting compliance status - resulting in avoiding of penalties and harassment.
  • Constant review and tracking possible with the help of detailed reports generated by the software and inbuilt communication log.
  • Reduced pain of attrition as work done as well as job and work detail are maintained and accessible by a single click.
  • Efficient resources management and planning based on prior knowledge of scheduled activities for coming months, quarter, or year.
  • Better internal (within organization - inter department, inter location, and inter people) as well as external (with Consultant, CA, CS, Lawyers, etc) coordination and communication maintaining logs and allied details.
  • Effective management of teams at different locations based on availability of uniform format and centralized control.
  • Peace of mind for senior management.
  • Centralized database.
  • Calender view of tasks - pending, overdue, done, or delayed done
  • Real time visibility to compliance status
  • Predefined and customizable reports
  • Deliver up-to-date information through out the organization on need to know basis
  • Alerts for exception and escalation
  • Centralized storage of documents (including proofs of compliance)
  • Compliance Control Report
    • Helps in ensuring that all compliance are defined / not overlaping
  • Compliance Status Report
    • Provides at glance count of pending, overdue compliances against target date or due date
      • User wise compliance status
      • Department wise compliance status
      • Location / company wise compliance status
      • Agency/ Authority wise compliance status
      • Month wise compliance status
  • Compliance Month Modification Log Report
  • Alert Notification Log Report
  • Application Usage Report
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