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Some of the key feature of ComplianceMantra are listed below:

Compliance Task
  • Industry specific
  • Location (Country, State, City) specific
  • Business Operations specific
  • Segregated into regulation
  • Categorization - Acts, Regulatory Authorities
  • Compliance related issues reported at a macro as well as micro levels
  • Standardized form based data
  • Capture interface
  • Calender view of tasks - pending, overdue, done, or delayed done
  • Management of task life cycles using standard work flow
  • Automated email reminders for upcoming tasks with inbuilt escalation
  • Monitoring of user action on compliance library, compliance tasks and incident action items
  • Deliver up-to-date information through out the organization on need to know basis
  • Drill-down capability
  • Real time visibility of compliance status
  • Create audit trail - Report & audit information systematically & consistently
  • Data exported to CSV, MS Excel and other standard formats
  • Global filter: Groups, Companies, Departments
  • Predefined and customizable reports
Compliance Audit
similarly report can be seen for compliance issue department wise,user wise and company/locations wise. further drill down takes the user to the compliance record which can be used to fill the compliance done date along with the mode of the submission or the amount paid as tax to any of the regulatory athorities.
  • Define : Compliance requirements for multiple companies/ location can quickly be defined using a step-by-step wizard. Masters can be configured either manually or by uploading bulk data using spreadsheets - MS Excel, CSV.
  • Schedule : Compliance requirements can be scheduled for multiple
    fiscal years that too with automatically handling of holidays and weekly-offs. The same can be re-scheduled/ modified with equal ease.
  • Allocate : Each of the Compliance task can be allocated to its respective department and user, so that there is no ambiguity in responsibility.
  • Completion : You can mark completion of an activity just by clicking a checkbox.
  • Organize : ComplianceMantra helps in organizing both the task and to-do for the responsible user and data relating to a task in different file formats, like MS Word, MS Excel, PDF, challan copies, documents, spreadsheets, scanned files, and any other electronic file format.
  • Track : Tracking of compliance requirements is its one of the biggest USPs. It also has a strong MIS system for the senior management to control the task in its entirety throughout the organization irrespective of the physical location and department
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